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Broncolor LED F160


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The broncolor LED F160 is the most precisely shapeable LED lamp on the market. From finetuning the power output over a range of 5 full f-stops to adjusting its green-magenta axis as well as its colour temperature – the remarkable features on the LED F160 enable photographers to adapt to every situation.


In addition, the broncolor bayonet gives you access to a vast range of light shapers. In combination with its ability to focus the light source, the LED F160 can create every light characteristic you will ever need. Let’s have a look at how the LED F160 shapes light:



Reference shot
The LED F160 comes with an included umbrella reflector Ø 120 mm. This is the result you get out of the box:

Below, you can see examples of modifications on the power output, colour temperature and green-magenta shift with the same umbrella reflector which is included in the scope of delivery:


Power Output
You can regulate the power output over a range of 5 f-stops (from 160 Watts down to 10 Watts). The adjustments can be done in very fine and incredibly accurate steps of 1/10 of a stop.


Colour Temperature
The colour temperature can be adjusted in precise increments of 50 K over a remarkably wide range of 2800 K to 6800 K. In addition, the LED F160 contains two presets enabling you to easily switch from 3200 K (Tungsten) to 5500 K (daylight).


Green-Magenta Shift
An additional outstanding feature of the LED F160 is its ability to smoothly shift the light between green and magenta.

Besides its technical excellence, the broncolor LED F160 also offers unlimited creative possibilities thanks to the extensive range of compatible light shapers.


Bare Bulb LED F160
Shooting bare bulb is an option that often gets forgotten, even though it can result in outstanding images. The LED F160 has a perfectly diffused dome that can be used without other accessories attached to create extremely sharp graphical shadows.


Standard Reflector L40 on the LED F160
As the first light shaper, we have to mention the broncolor standard reflector L40 . The focus-ability of the LED F160 lets you choose between a rather even or a slightly center-weighted illumination.


Standard Reflector L40 + Honeycomb Grid on the LED F160
In order to reduce the light angle even more, a honeycomb grid can be attached to the L40 standard reflector. These grids are available in sets of three, with light angles of 30°, 20° and 10°.


Barn doors on the LED F160
With barn doors that fit the L40 standard reflector you can shape the light and direct it to your subject the way you prefer (see the image below, where we used a narrow opening only). In addition, you can also add gel filters to barn doors in order to change the colour of the light.


Silver Umbrella on the LED F160
If a soft light with lots of texture is required, silver umbrellas can be your first choice. Here we show the light of three different silver-coated umbrellas – 85cm, 105cm and Focus 110:


Soft- and Octabox on the LED F160
While silver-coated umbrellas show accurate textures and surfaces such as the skin of a model, they also tend to create multiple shadows as seen in the examples above. If you want to avoid such shadows, we recommend soft- and octaboxes. These light shapers belong to the most important tools in a studio. A professional studio should always have them available in a few different sizes: one or two rectangular softboxes, at least one octagonal box and a narrow striplight-shaped softbox.

In the images below, you will see how the size of the octabox influences the light characteristic of the LED F160. You will notice that the bigger octabox 150 offers much softer light and creates less shine on the object compared to the smaller octabox 75.


Soft Light Reflector P-Soft and Beauty Dish on the LED F160
Soft light reflectors and beauty dishes have a long tradition in beauty and portrait photography. With its silver coating, soft light reflectors can texture the skin of a model incredibly good. However, same as with silver umbrellas above, you have to watch out for multiple shadows.

Beauty dishes, on the other hand, have a white coating. Thus, their light is softer, less textured and the risk of multiple shadows is reduced. See the comparison of a soft light reflector, an open beauty dish and a beauty dish with a diffuser on the LED F160 below:


Beautybox on the LED F160
A good compromise between a beauty dish and an octabox might be a beautybox.


Indirect Lighting with the LED F160
The softest possible light effect you can achieve is a diffused light. Thanks to the high light output of the broncolor LED F160, it can also be used to illuminate the object indirectly via a reflective environment. The light comes from everywhere. This means, there are no more shadows seen in the picture.

The LED F160 is a highly versatile LED lamp with incredible features. The immense power output, the ability to effortlessly adjust the colour temperature and the green-magenta axis, as well as its vast range of optional attachments, make this lamp a highly sophisticated asset for professional photographers and video producers.

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