Gitzo GC2160F Safari Leg Warmer for Tripod Seri. 0-1

Product code: 8024221554557-GI-GC2160F

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Gitzo GC2160F Leg warmers are recommended to increase the level of protection and comfort while using and carrying tripods. This new Gitzo leg warmers combine the two things, without compromising on lightweight and compactness, so appreciated on Gitzo tripods.

They are protective enough for the legs and, at the same time, they have a very soft touch that makes them really pleasant to use. Gitzo GC5560 Leg Warmers are made of a soft coating on the outside and feature a special non-slip rubber on the inside, for added stability and safer handling. Gitzo GC5560 leg warmers come in a set of three.



  • Set of 3 pcs
  • Increase level of protection and comfort
  • Made of a soft coating on outside and   special non-slip rubber on inside
  • Length 25 cm
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