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Master arm, clamp and cold shoe setup
The Frio Reach Kit is a collaboration with Tether Tools which gives you a seriously heavy-duty grip gear mount. With full 360° articulation, you get extended range, plus locking teeth at the elbow to secure the mount. The most convenient part? It’s compact and folds up easily, so you can take your imagination on the road—or off-road. Plus, the kit comes with the Frio Hold—the Best. Cold Shoe. Ever.


With its lifetime warranty and versatility, the Tether Tools + Frio Reach Kit with clamp, articulating arm, and cold shoe is going to be part of your gear bag for life. You’ll also love its integrated modifier, for use with existing umbrellas, reflectors, diffusers, snoots, and grids.


Though this grip gear mount is heavy duty, it folds up so you can easily take it to that destination wedding or other situations where you don’t want to lug heavy equipment.

Frio Stand modifier holder is built with these useful features:

  • Large, easy adjust, knurled knob for easy modifier positioning
  • Locking nut creates precise positioning for light and modifier
  • Soft tip screw prevents damage to modifier

Tether Tools Master Arm + Clamp creates versatility with these features:

  • Tether Tools Master Clamp also includes a 5/8″(16mm) Baby stud, with 1/4″-20 male thread for added versatility.
  • Tether Tools Master Arm has two 5/8″ (16mm) Baby locking hex stud ball joints rotate 360º, plus a cut-out in each sleeve surrounding the ball allows the stud to be bent 90º. One stud accepts a 3/8″-16 thread, while the other accepts a 1/4″-20 thread for added versatility.
  • The central elbow rotates 360º for infinite adjustability.



  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Hard anodized

Setup Components
Cold shoe

  • Molded polymer
  • Stainless steel ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 screw threads

Modifier Holder

  • 50.8mm (2″) height
  • ¼” screw
  • Holder opening accepts anything up to 8.25 mm (.32″) in diameter

Tether Tools Clamp and Arm

  • Mounts on any round or flat surface from ½-2.1″ in diameter or thickness
  • Load capacity up to 9.75 lbs. (4.5kg)
  • Maximum arm extension of 21″ (53.4cm)
  • Arm is compatible with baby ⅝” (16mm) receptor
  • ⅜”-16 and ¼”-20 threads on each end for added versatility
  • Clamp features baby ⅝”(16mm) socket for use with a wide variety of attachments
  • Clamp has built-in ¼”-20 threads for mounting smaller attachments
  • Clamp features a nonreflective black finish and metal lift-ratchet-style handle for tightening in confined spaces
  • Clamp includes ⅝” (16mm) baby stud, with 1/4″-20 male thread insert


What's Included

  • 1 Frio Stand
  • 1 Tether Tools Rock Solid Master Clamp
  • 1 Tether Tools Rock Solid Articulating Arm
  • Frio Lifetime Warranty on Frio Photo parts
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