Orangemonkie Halo bar Led for Foldio3

Product code: 8809415351088-M2100R

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The Halo-bar for Foldio3 is an LED lighting accessory that attaches to the inside of the Foldio3 Mini Studio at its magnetic points.

Its 2-part design makes it a good choice for edge-lighting your subject or highlighting areas as your needs require.

The Halo-bar has a daylight-balanced 5700K color temperature and its light intensity is adjustable with the Foldio3's dimming controller. The Halo-bar can be used only with the Foldio3's 100 to 240 VAC power adapter.


Magnetic Structure
The Halo-bar has magnets to attach it inside of Foldio3 at its magnetic points.


Dimmable LED Lighting System
The Halo-bar's brightness can be adjusted on the main dimming controller of the Foldio3.

Tech Specs

  • 20 x 3 x 3 cm

  • [0.6 W] , Daylight 5700k, white

  • 1 M

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