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Green Clean Pick Up Protective Tube for Sensor Cleaning System

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This one-way tube was especially designed for use on digital reflex cameras. The material used is abrasion-free and non-conductive.

The end piece of the plastic component has been designed in a trumpet-shaped form and fitted with a crank for better handling.

Any unforeseen contact with the sensor leaves no residue, as no softeners are used. The material is thermo-plastically formed and produced under Cleanroom requirements. The sterile units are individually packed in order to avoid contamination. The crank enables an exact positioning of the tube, at the same time leaving the access to the camera shaft free for inspection. Even under static electricity charging even the most resistant particles can be lifted off.

a) Material: FEP (fluorinated Ethylen-Propylen -Copolymer )
b) Properties:

  • contains no softener
  • hardness: 54 SHORE D
  • surface resistivity ca. 10^16 Ohm/cm
  • tensile strength kp/cm2 210
  • elongation at the break % 300
  • dripping point °C 279
  • max. operation temperature °C +160
  • min. operation temperature °C - 200
  • flame resistance : excellent
  • weather resistance: excellent
  • organic solvent resistance: excellent
  • resistance to acids and alkalis: excellent

c) Thermoformed at 280 ° C, cooled bound form
d) Processed and individually foil sealed in cleanroom class 8

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