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Green Clean Optic Cleaning Kit

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Optic Cleaning Kit contains a can of Air Power (150ml) (GC-G-2015) and x10 Lens Cleaner Wet & Dry Sachets (LC-7010), which are specifically formulated for High Tech coated lenses.

The Air Power (150ml) (GC-G-2015) is a flammable aerosol micro Air Duster for contact-free removal of dust. (Note: No additional Dusting Tools are required).

Dust can scratch sensitive parts when removed mechanically. A contact-free removal of surface contamination is very important in many circumstances. Low weight and high capacity are very important for service or repair work – the Green Clean Air Power acts as a mobile compressor and is a good addition to your toolbox.

The AIR DUSTER contains multiply purified inert gas. Every can is equipped with a standard aerosol trigger, including a flexible 15cm capillary tube.

The can is pressure stable because of the special Green Clean Aerosol technology.


  • Very high pressure
  • Constant stable pressure
  • Chemically inert
  • Designed for repeated use


The Green Clean Lens Cleaner sachets consist of both a wet and dry special fleece cloth, packed in duo-sachets. The quality of the cloth used is decisive for the effectiveness of the cleaning agent.

The ‘Wet wipe’ is a damp cloth soaked with a solution exactly and specially developed for use on the surface tension of High-Tech coated lenses. Use of the ‘Wet wipe’ enables you to deal with all difficult forms of surface contamination and at the same time provides anti-static treatment to the surface of the lens.

The ‘Dry’ wipe is used following the ‘Wet’ cloth to remove any excess solution and ensure a streak free surface.


  • Disposable
  • Sealed sachets means no drying out of cloths / wipes
  • No risk of spillage or incorrect dosage of solution
  • Anti-static treatment
  • Safe to use with High-Tech coated lenses
  • Handling is safe, clean & simple
  • Easy & safe to transport in camera bag with your gear


  • 1x G-2015 Air Power (150 ml) (Dusting Can)
  • 10x LC-7010Lens Cleaner Wet & Dry Sachets

OTHER AVAILABLE Green Clean Aerosol AIR POWER Dusters:

  • G-2025 Air Power (250ml) (flammable)
  • G-2040 Air Power (400ml) (flammable)
  • G-2044 Air Power Eco Booster (400ml) (flammable)
  • G-2050 Air Power HI-TECH (400ml) (NON-flammable)

OTHER AVAILABLE Cleaning Liquids & Wipes:

  • T-1020 Silky Wipe (25 x 25 cm)
  • T-1050 Big Blue micro fibre cloth (40 x 40 cm)
  • T-2510 Tech Clean Wiper
  • T-2302 Foam Swabs
  • LC-1000 Silky Liquid (20ml) & Silky Wipe
  • C-2110 Office Cleaner Disinfect pump spray (125ml)
  • C-2120 Office Cleaner Disinfect refill (1000ml) – for C-2100, C2130, C2140
  • C-2130 Office Cleaner Disinfect (200ml) & Silky Wipe
  • C-2140 Office Foam Cleaner Disinfect – reusable foam head
  • C-2300 Plastic Cleaner (sachets)
  • C-2310 Plastic Cleaner (125ml)
  • C-2320 Plastic Cleaner refill (1000ml) – for C-2310
  • C-6000 LCD-TFT-Plasma Cleaner (125ml) – with Silky Wipe


  • Pack weight: 285 g
  • Duo Sachet weight: 5 g
  • Each cloth size: 10 x 10 cm
  • Double sachet size: 8 x 9 cm
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