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Green Clean Clip & Flip The hands free magnifier

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The ‘CLIP & FLIP’ - Hands Free Magnifier (GC-SC-0500) attaches to the brim of most caps and hats.

Its crystal-clear acrylic lenses give you a sharp, distortion free view that allows you to see the finest details with ease. Perfect for cleaning of DSLR Sensors or Digital Back Sensors, Model Building, and other intricate work.

Directions for use:
Clip Green Clean´s ‘CLIP & FLIP’ onto the brim of your hat. Flip-down lenses for magnified image, flip-up for normal viewing. For best results, position lenses close to your eyes. For glasses wearers, position lenses in front of your glasses.


  • Can be attached on most cap visors or hat brims – both hands thereforeremain free
  • Flip-down lenses for magnified image, flip-up for normal viewing
  • Delivers a sharp, distortion-free picture in enlargements of 1.75 x(+3 diopters) and allows seeing of the finest details
  • Is suitable for persons wearing glasses
  • Also simplifies viewing the pictures on the camera’s LCE screen
  • Can also be used for other work such as model building
  • Includes: protective soft pouch

AVAILABLE Sensor Cleaning Systems:

  • SC-4000 Sensor Cleaning Kit- Full frame size
  • SC-4100 Sensor Cleaning Traveller Kit
  • SC-4200 Sensor Cleaning Kit- Non full frame size
  • SC-4060-3 Wet & Dry Full frame size sensor
  • SC-4070-3 Wet & Dry Non full frame size sensor
  • SC-5070-3 After Shake Wet & Dry
  • SC-5200 After Shake Sensor Cleaning Kit


  • Weight: 90.2g
  • Boxed size: 20.4 x 10.2 x 3.7 cm
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